Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday morning

Here I am again, on a Sunday morning, sipping my coffee and having omlette n' bun maska from Good Luck Cafe, looking forward to the rest of the day...

Well to update you on recent events - I finally have internet at home, I've found an excellent resource for cheap stock photos and there was the epic tale that was the buying of my new headphones.... Let me explain. :)

The other day I had a sudden urge to buy a pair of decent bluetooth headphones, so me and my bro set out on a journey of aural discovery in Aundh. I went to 3 local computer/mobile stores and to Sony World but no one had what I needed. The final stop was the Motorola store where I had hoped to get the MOTOROKR headphones and I did find them there. Apparently the thing was called an S9. I put it on, paired it with my phone, played some music and found it decent.... so we finally got down to business. I asked the salesman guy how much it would cost me. He said 5k. I said ok. I put on the headphones again, listened to some music for about ten minutes and then 'politely' handed them back to him. Went home, logged onto eBay, bought the same thing for 2k (new, including shipping) and was finally happy. :D The thingy will now be mine in 4-10 days. :D

You'd think now that I have internet at home i would be blogging from my PC but noooo I'm still on my phone :/

(P.S. The stock photo site is, I'm sure a lot of you know about it. Check out my links on the right side column.)

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