Thursday, April 24, 2008

Woke up this morning

Well, I just woke up and got me a cup of coffee and some biscuits. Was getting really bored too (not to mention the coffee is really hot), so thought I'd write something here.

My modem's been acting up lately. It's really annoying; it disconnects me every few minutes and then I have to restart it and wait 2 mins more to get it online. All my chat windows get closed when GTalk can't sign in. You should know that I have a lot of these things, either by experience or by reputation :p but in either case, you understand my frustration. Friends, clients, relatives, everyone gets put on hold. I've lost at least a few hundred US$ in business because of this, and maybe even some friends.... Well I've managed to piss them off anyway. And to make things worse, just when I had started becoming happy about Google allowing you to sign in on more than one device, the same thing started happening with my cell phone too. Which is worse because i have to use the stylus to click a bunch of tiny little buttons to restart the modem rather than flicking a switch.

Life is so frustrating. :p :D


Maya said...

yeah. you pissed me off Mister!

jemma said...

sigh and wont even open :P